3 Elements That Make a Children’s Book Unforgettable

The Bald Eagle Who Wanted to Fly the American Flag by Attilio Guardo is a unique children’s book that centers on the themes of patriotism and courage. Its story revolves around the character of Elgae, a baby bald eagle who is determined to fly the American flag over his nation’s capital despite encountering obstacles that threaten his life. In general, the distinctive joyous and patriotic atmosphere of this literary masterpiece by Attilio Guardo makes it a memorable children’s book, which fascinates and influences many of its readers. Like The Bald Eagle Who Wanted to Fly the American Flag by Attilio Guardo, there are plenty of other unforgettable children’s books out there. To be clear, however, writing a children’s book is not a piece of cake. The process can be exhausting, time-consuming, and even frustrating at first. Especially when an author’s goal is to make his or her work memorable and impactful for the readers, writing a children’s book can take so much time, effort, and resources. Specifically, when trying to write an unforgettable children’s book, authors need to pay close attention to these three elements – story, characters, and message.

Unique and Relatable Story

The impact of a children’s book relies heavily on its story. For a children’s book to be unforgettable, it must tell a great story, which needs to be both unique and relatable at the same time. Uniqueness has always been the key to writing a great story. Uniqueness allows a children’s book to standout in a huge pile of other books. When a children’s book contains a unique story that has never been told before, it becomes exceptional and memorable. Aside from uniqueness, relatability also plays a crucial role in determining the impact of a children’s story. People, both children and adults, love reading stories that reflect their experiences. In choosing something to read, they often pick up a book with a story that hits close to home. Generally, the more relatable a story is, the more impact it can leave on the mind and heart of children.

Admirable Characters

Characters are also a very crucial element of an unforgettable children’s book. Generally, characters are a must-have of every story. They are the impetus, the driving force that moves a story forward. Without these characters, a story would be pointless. Because characters play a very important role, authors need to dedicate a great amount of time to creating and polishing them. Particularly, when it comes to writing memorable children’s books, authors need to make sure that their characters are created in such a way that they capture the attention and admiration of the young readers. Children generally love adorable and admirable characters. Oftentimes, they look up to these characters as their role models. The more admirable traits these characters possess, the more influence they can have on the way children think, feel, and behave.

Touching Moral Lesson

A children’s book is futile and easily forgettable if it does not have a touching moral lesson in its story. Moral lesson is arguably the most vital element of a children’s book. Even though the story is pivotal and the characters are fundamental, they can be shrugged off in the long run if they do not send an essential message across. This message can be anything – it can be something as simple as teaching children the value of family and friendship or something as profound as encouraging them to cultivate a sense of patriotism. In essence, yes, the story and the characters might be the ones that convince children to read a particular book. However, it is ultimately the moral lesson that makes them remember.

Overall, writing a children’s book is indeed not as easy as it seems. The entire process can be very tiring and upsetting, especially when the goal of an author is for his or her book to leave a lasting impact on its young readers. For this reason, children’s authors always need to pay close attention to their story, characters, and message, as these are the elements that largely determine how memorable and impactful a book can be. By mastering how to weave these elements together in an impeccable and compelling way, any author can certainly come up with a children’s book that is as unique, fascinating, and unforgettable as The Bald Eagle Who Wanted to Fly the American Flag by Attilio Guardo.

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