Reasons to Write a Children’s Book

Books are essential to a child’s success in the future. Parents and educators help in developing a child’s love and passion for reading. This is one of the reasons why authors write children’s literature, to educate. 

Attilio Guardo is one of the many great authors in children’s literature in this generation. His many books, including Stubby and the Squirrel Community and The Miracle of Wendy Whimple, convey strong messages to children. The fantastic tale, the quirky characters, and the values it instills make his books loved by readers. It was not an easy feat to write Guardo’s book Stubby and the Squirrel Community. It takes a lot of reason and inspiration to finish one book. Guardo was able to write children’s books because his grandchildren inspired him. Hence, here are some reasons that will convince you to write a children’s book yourself. 

Child At Heart

Most children’s book authors are adults or young adults. Sometimes, you will ask yourself why these adults write for children when you can write for adult readers? The answer would be because they are a child at heart. Although you may be an adult, you can still find joy in child-like delights. Being a child at heart is not about your age. It is more about your spirit. Being a child at heart is not a sign of immaturity, but a means to express child-like traits of being carefree, happy, and innocent nature, being excited by little things like playing with a pet, imagining becoming a pirate, and seeing the rainbow after the rain makes you a child at heart. For this reason, you want to write children’s books to share the feeling of excitement with young readers. 

Type of Therapy

Each person in the world has their traumas and struggles in life. Sometimes this trauma does not leave us for a long time or never in most cases. Therapists would encourage you to embrace these traumas for you to move forward. This is a challenging step for anyone. Writing children’s book stories allows you to revisit issues from your childhood. Children’s books are famous for their fantastical tales and happy endings. Hence, the happy ending you may not have attained just yet can be shared in the story. Writing about personal struggles, including having looked nerdy young and growing up with a disability, can be a form of therapy. Many successful authors did not write to become successful, but because they want to share personal experiences. The beauty of writing children’s books is that you are writing to inspire children but also for yourself. 

Reach Beyond Generation

You may have read books like Harry Potter and The Wizard of Oz. These books are under children’s literature. However, you may have heard many teens, young adults, and adults who have read these books. Hence, that is another reason why you should write a children’s book. Children’s books have a reach beyond varied generations. Devoted readers are not limited to young kids but also teens and adults. Adults read children’s books as this can bring all of the joy they had felt when they were children. It is fun to be nostalgic; however, it is more than that. Many adults love children’s books since it has the power to make you believe that anything is possible. When you are an adult, and you learn the harsh reality of the world, the tendency is it will break you. But, reading children’s books frees your mind to see the intangible from your emotionally void world. And once again, you will believe in magic. This also applies in writing a children’s book. 

Means to Convey a Message 

When you write, you are conveying a message. Authors have used books as a medium to convey messages. It may even be the best among other methods. However, children’s books give the best message among others. It does not directly share the message, but it sneakily utilizes the events, settings, and narratives to expand the message. Every writer has a message to share with their readers. Take Attilio Guardo’s Stubby and the Squirrel Community, for example. This book shares the message that no good outcome will happen when you are selfish and bring people down. The message you share in the children’s books is limitless. It can be self-empowerment or life lessons. In essence, you may think that you only want to share a story, but you are hoping to send a message that will impact its readers in actuality. Writing a children’s book allows you to convey a message that you believe young readers will want to know may it be about life, future, or about themselves. 

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